Dave Navarro: Don’t Try This at Home (book review)

I was a little skeptical before i started to read this book because a lot of the reviews out there said that this book didn’t make sense, or it was boring. Well those people apparently did not understand the title of this book. It is not a typical autobiography, actuallly it is not one at all. Is is exactly what the title says: A Year in the Life of Dave Navarro

The book is written in a weird way because it is mostly written from Neil Strauss perspective instead of Dave’s himself. Navarro does chime in and there are pages written by himself, but mostly the reader learns about Dave Navarro from Neil’s perpesctive.

You really get to know Navarro’s personality and what he was going through during that period. Everything is captured in a weird way by his photo booth that he has in his house, which is what this book centers around. You can see who comes in during that month through the photo strips and connect the stories to that specific person. The photos range from famous musicians, to strippers, to his maid, to just random people who happen to come by the house.

The last few chapters are about Navarro and Carmen Electra and how they met, got to know each other and eventually got married.

I wouldn’t say this is a must read, but it is for sure an interesting read if you like to know about Navarro’s drug use and rehab stint.


Publisher: It Books
Release Date: October 5, 2004
# of Pages: 256