Kenneth Walton: Fake, Forgery, Lies and eBay (book review)

I picked this book up mainly because it had the title ebay attached to it, and being an ebay buyer of course i had to read it.

First of all it is not as exciting as the title suggests. Kenneth Walton was a lawyer who along with his accomplice sold art on ebay. The paintings they were selling, they were adding signatures to them to basically make them worth more than what they really were. Eventually Kenneth all by himself forged his biggest auction on ebay and thats what brought him all of the trouble that followed.

Kenneth sounds like a very smart person and i got the feeling from reading this book that he just wanted a shot at making some money to pay off his school debt but got mixed up with the wrong people. Mr. Walton however does take full responsability for his actions and eventually turns his life around for the better.

While this is not some book about some great mystery of forging paintings and some kind of inside scoop about the business, it was an excellent and very short read. I highly recommend it if youre into this kind of topics.


Publisher: Simon Spotlight Entertainment
Release Date: April 25, 2006
# of Pages: 304