Flavor Flav: The Icon, The Memoir (book review)

We all know Flav from Public Enemy, and his various reality TV shows and his crazy personality. Well this book is no different than how he is on tv. While it looks poorly written, i get the sense that he was very honest while writing it with what looked like, no help from a writer.

Full of words like “yeaaaaaa boyeeee” and “naw mean” Flav discusses his childhood growing in the streets, sellings drugs and getting kicked out of school all the time. No wonder he never finished high school, dropping out at the 10th grade. His childhood was in what i can only describe it as a mess. From being out with his dad while he gambled and did drugs, to stealing cars and just wreaking havoc all over the place.

Flav talks a lot about his children and you can really see he loves them a lot and would do anything for them. He shares a lot about his ex wives and what he really went through during their marriage. There are plenty of funny stories involving his family and the many famous people he knows and calls his friends as well. Flav ddoesnt hold back.

Now, what we really want to know about and the main reason i got this book. The Surreal Life and the Flavor of Love shows. He talks a lot about those (especially the very end of the book) but he could’ve said more about the Surreal Life. For the Flavor of Love, he really explains you how everything was, and gives more details about some of the more eccentric girls in the show. Not to spoil anything, but im sure you all know, those shows were all setup and Flav admits it all.

Theres only 2 problems i see with this book. One is that i wish it was longer, i really enjoyed reading it and i wish he would’ve made it longer by at least 100 pages. Number two is, there are no sections of pictures anywhere, not a single one, i wouldve liked to see a middle section with pictures. Who knows maybe Flav will write another book sometime i  the near future and will take that i to consideration.

Other than being kinds short and with no picture, it is an enjoyable quick read that will leave you wanting for more.


Publisher: Farrah Gray Publishing, Inc
Release Date: May 11, 2011
# of Pages: 244