Into the Black: The Inside Story of Metallica 1991-2014 (book review)

Wow! What a well researched book this is. This is the second book taking you from the years 1991 all the way to present 2014. Writers Paul Brannigan and Ian Windwood were present at a lot of Metallica’s most famous moments and have a tremendous collection of interviews with all the members of the band.

Being a somewhat short book, the writers do an awesome job at telling the history of Metallica through the years. With many hours of interviews, both backstage and at Metallica’s HQ and all over the world for that matter, you will learn how all their albums (from 91 to 2014) were recorded, from demos to full songs.

Both writers are not afraid to say Metallica’s biggest failures, one being the St. Anger album, and the more recent one, Through The Never, both which seemed to dissapoint Metallica fans. There is no lack of detail when it comes to the Big 4 shows and how everything really happened. From the very first show at Sonisphere to the shows in the US.

There is one chapter which i think could’ve been replaced which is the “Some Kind of Monster” chapter. There is really no new information in that chapter, is basically the writers putting to paper what happened in the movie.

Overall a really good book for any Metallica fan, and if you are not a fan, well get this book and be educated with some Metallica history from first hand account.

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Publisher: Da Capo Press
Release Date: November 4, 2014
# of Pages: 312

Craig Glazer: The King of Sting (book review)

I have been a little behind on book review, all due to end of the year work. I am back now and hopefully writing this reviews a little more often.

Craig Glazet was just a teenager when he setup a drug deal but he got robbed. After that he goes on the run all over the country setting up fake drug deals just so he could sting the drug dealers, and trying to get back at the guy who stung him first. The book is a little confusing at times because you can get lost in all the details.

Throughout the book Glaxer says that he stings the dealers because they are bad people, but he has a plan. If he gets busted he tell the police that he was doing it to be some kind of hero and those people needed to be arrested. Once again is a little confusing so pardon me.

There is a period for a little while where Glazer and his partner Woodbeck worked for the FBI, which only added to his ego, and he felt invincible during that time because he had a badge. His story telling feels like a movie straight out of Hollywood, and maybe it had to do with him trying to sell his lifestory so that it could be made into a movie.

This wasnt a bad boom at all, but a lot of his stories felt to me like they were made up. Get you a copy and be the judge 🙂


Publisher: Skyhorse
Release Date: July 17, 2008
# of Pages: 304

Flavor Flav: The Icon, The Memoir (book review)

We all know Flav from Public Enemy, and his various reality TV shows and his crazy personality. Well this book is no different than how he is on tv. While it looks poorly written, i get the sense that he was very honest while writing it with what looked like, no help from a writer.

Full of words like “yeaaaaaa boyeeee” and “naw mean” Flav discusses his childhood growing in the streets, sellings drugs and getting kicked out of school all the time. No wonder he never finished high school, dropping out at the 10th grade. His childhood was in what i can only describe it as a mess. From being out with his dad while he gambled and did drugs, to stealing cars and just wreaking havoc all over the place.

Flav talks a lot about his children and you can really see he loves them a lot and would do anything for them. He shares a lot about his ex wives and what he really went through during their marriage. There are plenty of funny stories involving his family and the many famous people he knows and calls his friends as well. Flav ddoesnt hold back.

Now, what we really want to know about and the main reason i got this book. The Surreal Life and the Flavor of Love shows. He talks a lot about those (especially the very end of the book) but he could’ve said more about the Surreal Life. For the Flavor of Love, he really explains you how everything was, and gives more details about some of the more eccentric girls in the show. Not to spoil anything, but im sure you all know, those shows were all setup and Flav admits it all.

Theres only 2 problems i see with this book. One is that i wish it was longer, i really enjoyed reading it and i wish he would’ve made it longer by at least 100 pages. Number two is, there are no sections of pictures anywhere, not a single one, i wouldve liked to see a middle section with pictures. Who knows maybe Flav will write another book sometime i  the near future and will take that i to consideration.

Other than being kinds short and with no picture, it is an enjoyable quick read that will leave you wanting for more.


Publisher: Farrah Gray Publishing, Inc
Release Date: May 11, 2011
# of Pages: 244

Joseph D. Pistone: Donnie Brasco – Unfinished Business (book review)

Unfinished Business is the follow up book to Donnie Brasco which came out 20 years prior to this book. If you read my review of the original Donnie Brasco, then you’ll have an idea of what it is about, and if you havent read it, well youre missing out on a classic book.

In the original Donnie Brasco, Pistone writes about his undercover operation of 6 years from 1975 to 1981. While some information is somewhat repeated in this book, it is only for the purpose of the readers (who havent read the first book) to understand a little bit of the back story.

All of what Pistone couldnt talk about in the first book, due to the on going investigations and indictments, are discussed in this book. Pistone talks highly of all the actors in the movie Donnie Brasco and how well he was treated, however those compliments come off as a bit of a kiss ass because he is on set with some high profile actors like Johnny Depp and Al Pacino.

Pistone does a really good job at filling in the gaps of what happened at the end of his first book. In fact i recommend you read the first book before getting into this one because you will have a much better understanding of things.

Just because the Donnie Brasco operation was over, it didnt mean Pistone could stop working. In fact he was even more busy because he had to travel all over the country and world to provide his testimony as a witness in all the cases. He discusses quitting the FBI and eventually coming back to work again as an undercover in other countries.

Very well written book and i highly recommend you read both in order. Lots of insight stuff into the way of the wiseguys.


Publisher: Running Press
Release Date: January 2, 2007
# of Pages: 336

George Jones: I Lived to Tell it All (book review)

Think of Motley Crue’s The Dirt but for country music.

This autobiography by the late George Jones is full of many incredible stories, both happy and sad. And for a person who was a pioneer of country music, you can tell that he did it all.

I never been a big fan of country music, and whenever i thought of George Jones I thought just an old guy who simply sang country music, was i wrong. Jones takes you through all of his Highs (literally) and Lows during his career. He was a guy who snorted all the coke i  the world and drank himself to sleep pretty much everyday for most of his career. You cant help but feel bad for him while reading about his life, is a miracle he was alive while living that way, and not surprised while he was called “No Show Jones”

George Jones goes deep into his marriages and divorces, and the extremely awful things his wifes put up with. Sneaking out of the house weeks at a time to do drugs or drink, stuff that a full on alcoholic or drug addict would do, and is no secret he was both. Jones admits to everything and makes it clear that he was very ashamed of his behavior. Along the way came Nancy who was the one that pretty much saved him and stuck with him to the end.

There are some shorter stories in the book like the one meeting Hank Williams Sr, how he bought a lot of cars, and sold an trade. Or coming across hitchhikers during his drunken times.

Overall a really awesome book even for non country music fans. You really get a lot of insight at how the music industry, and tours were waaaay back then.


Publisher: Dell
Release Date: January 1, 1996
# of Pages: 337

Alex James: Bit of a Blur (book review)

Alex James is the bass player of the brit pop band Blur. Alex writing is not your typical autobiography style, it is more like a collection of stories from the road. However that doesnt take away from being an interesting book.

I first bought this book because i heard about all of his drug use and how he was the drunkest band member, but Alex doesnt really talk a lot about that. It was a bit dissapointing because even in the sleeve of the book it says all of that, but really you barely read about drugs, mostly just drunken nights.

A. James does go into a lot of details of how they recorded their albums and how some of their biggest hits came to be in about 15 minutes (i know is stereotypical, every band’s biggest hits are written in 20 minutes or less). Strange enough he wrote very little about Song 2, which was odd considering thats perhaps their biggest hit. Along his journey Alex will take from his hometown, to New York, to Australia, to Iceland. The best part of this book is getting to read how the band formed and how they struggled in the beggining.

There are also 3 different section of pictures, so that was cool because youd read a little bit and before you got bored with reading, bam! a section of pictures.

Overall it was a cool book if you’d like to know a bit more about Blur, but dont expect a book to keep you on the edge.


Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Release Date: April 1, 2008
# of Pages: 288

Vince Neil: Tattoos and Tequila (book review)

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Motley Crue. I have all of their official released books as you can see from some of my previews reviews. However this book was a little dissappointing. Aside from a few new things and getting to hear from Vince’s wives, most of the book ive read about it before.

Vince comes off as such an asshole and ego maniac, that most of what he talks about makes you think “what the fuck is he talking about?” He talks so bad about the other guys in Motley Crue that not even halfway through the book i almost put it down for good. It is no wonder why he says Motley Crue is a business and not a friendship. Neil openly says how “those guys are not my friends, they are not trustworthy”, well i wonder why. Also i felt he was very repetitive all throughtout the book, saying the same things over and over…

There is a reason why not many people who were or are involved in his life declined to contribute anything to the book. When you have an ego that big and you think youre better than everybody, or you blame everything on somebody else, and you do not take responsability for you own actions, well i think some people are gonna turn their back. That was another thing that i saw all through this book. Vince is always blaming in mistakes on somebody else, man up and take responsability.

The chapters about his daughter are the best thing about this book. You can really see how honest Vince is when he is talking about his daughter.

All in all is a decent read if you are a fan of Motley Crue, if you’re not or you havent read The Dirt or any of the other books by the guys from Motley, then you wont really understand this book or their history.


Publisher: Grand Central
Release Date: September 23, 2010
# of Pages: 320