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This week i bring you George Clinton’s memoir. First of all, i think you have to be a fan of Clinton and funk music in general to understand this memoir. Clinton does an incredible job describing a lot of his catalogue in detail. It was really enjoyable to go back in time and see what he was thinking when he was writing and coming up with those records from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

I think we all know how Clinton struggled with drugs throughout his career and he is very blunt when talking about it. He describes going on many rides with Sly to score drugs, how they wrote music together, and the different drugs they took.

You get a sense of somewhat honesty, but with such a long career he couldve wrote a book of 500+ pages. Even though this book is not as long as it couldve been, Clinton still did an awesome job in putting his life to paper. Maybe we’ll see another book in the future. The way Clinton talks it doesnt look like he will stop anytime soon!



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Book Giveaway 2!!!!!

Hello once again my friends. I’m back with another book giveaway. This time around i will be giving away a copy of George Clinton’s autobiography. The contest runs from now until 7/31. The winner will be announced on Friday 31st along with my review of this memoir.

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Book Review and Winner of the Book Giveaway.

So this time around I bring you a review of Don Henry Jr’s Contrabando. A book about an american drug smuggler from Texas who smuggled a lot of drugs between Mexico and the US.

I thought that this book was going to be more exciting than what it really was given the title asnd the subtitle, but was i wrong. Ford gives you a boring introduction and continues to bore you for almost two thirds of the book. Only the last 3rd of the book or so was really good.

For someone who supposedly smuggled tons of drugs, he seemed to never have any money, i found that odd. Don does talks to us of how he was raised in the farm and gives us a behind the scenes look into Mexico. That was the best part of this book, getting to hear about the mountains of Mexico and how people really live in those isolated towns.

Good book if youd like to get an insight look at how to smuggle drugs, in case you are into that lol.


Publisher: Cinco Puntos Press
Release Date: October 1, 2004
# of Pages: 240


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Book Giveaway (details inside)

I been long overdue for a book giveaway. Basically i wanted to do this to say thank you to those of you who follow and enjoy my little book reviews.

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