Scott Weiland: Not Dead and Not For Sale

Youd think that for a man who worte some of the biggest hits of the 90s and 00s with STP and Velvet Revolver he would know how to write a book a little bit better. What a short and dissapointed book.

Many of the book pages are filled with blank pages or unnecessary big font typing. There are also many black empty pages all over. This is just a mess. There couldve been easily 80 pages removed from the book. It took me just a bit over an hour to finish it.

There are many stories that he starts but doesnt finish them, or would say “down in New Orleans we found ourselves in the wrong neighboorhood in the wrong hotel but we were to dumb to know. We just kept partying” and thats where it ends, and he jumps to another story. He could have developed more into that situation. The editors shouldve helped him write this book more!

I wouldnt recommend this book to anyone! Theres nothing new here that you cant find over the internet. Im glad it onky took a little bit of my time and I didnt get stuck reading this book for a few days. I hope Scott writes another book in the future and redeems himself!


Publisher: Scribner
Release Date: May 17, 2011
# of Pages: 288


LL Cool J : I Make My Own Rules (book review)

I came across this book by mistake and instantly bought it (very cheap too). One thing before continuing is that this boom was published in 1997 so Im sure a lot of things have changed in his life since then.

LL is one of those rappers that has been around for a long time (even in 1997). There words like “bugged out” or “yo” that are a little bit over used throughout, but I guess that was the thing back then. LL’s life growing up was so messed up and painful, from physical and mental abuse from both his dad and step dad to growing up in the streets and being homeless for a while.

Cool J gibves a lot of credit to his grandparents, especially to his grandpa for buying him his first real pa system and scratch tables. And of course his grandma was the one that inspired for the song “Mama Said Knock You Out”

I dont want to give too many details because this such a short book (202 pgs), but his story is very inspirational. I wish he wrote his autobiography in more recent years. But it just shows how much he went through even back in 1997.


Publisher: St Martin Press
Release Date: September 1, 1997
# of Pages: 224

*next book to be reviewed: Lemmy Kilmister: White Line Fever

My Life With Deth (book review)

In Dave Ellefson short autobiography you really get to know his story from the very beginning. Even though this is a short book there is a lot of information. Ellefson discusses a lot of the recording process in all of Megadeth albums. From the gear used to the true meaning behind some of their most known songs.

I didnt know much about Dave Ellefson because when I thought of Megadeth I usually thought of Dave Mustaine. Now that I read the story behind the group from the bass player’s perspective I see the big picture. Ellefson is a religious man and takks about it all throughout his book. He went through a lot with his drug abuse and came out on top thanks to God and his willingness to end it all.

Great stories about his full time job with one of his sponsors (which was his main source of income whike he wasnt in megadeth) and working as a producer. You also get to find out a little more about his side project F5 (which I didnt even have any idea of, cause once again, when I think of Megadeth I think of Mustaine). I only wish there were more details of when Dave Ellefson sued Mustaine for 18 million dollars.

This was an awesome book and one I would recommend to a true die hard Megadeth fan.


Publisher: Howard Books
Release Date: October 29, 2013
# of Pages: 256

Save Me From Myself (book review)

This was a short book only at 228 pages so it was a fast read, actually it only took me a few hours in all to finish it.

After all these years of being a fan of Korn I can now understand how and why he left the band. Not enough people today give Korn the credit they deserved and the obstacles they had to go through to make it.

Head’s story is very heart warming, one that will have wanting to change your life after reading it. This book has definately all of the typical stories of drugs and women and crazy stuff that happens backstage. His story goes from being in one of the biggest bands and using lots of drugs to being completely dedicated to God. Brian most definetaly makes thst known from the beginning.

While the book is short, it sheds a light on a lot of questions we (fans) had about him quitting the band. The last 3rd part of this book is completely dedicated to God, some of the work he did in India building orphanages for the poor and his baptism. And tells a detailed story how he was afraid to meet the “Head Hunters” Tribe.

I hope Head comes out with another book now that he has rejoined Korn. Maybe telling stories about being on the road now that he has been sober for many years, and how the tours are since he’s dedicated his life to God.


Publisher: HarperCollins Books
Release Date: June 24, 2008
Pages: 240

It’s so Easy and other Lies (book review)

“Its so Easy” is a fast read (at least for me) due to the fact that it has 63 small chapters, which kept me flipping page after page without boring me with loooong chapters.

This book shows a very in depth look at Duff Mckagan’s live. He comes off as a very smart person and his story should be an inspiration to anyone. As the bassist for GnR nobody would think this guy was so talented, but his story tells different.

This autobiography of course comes with all of the “war” stories of sex, drugs and rock and roll. But it is also full of stories of how he went to Seattle University and did everything he could to get his Degree. He could call his professor or fellow students while on tour to discuss class projects. Theres a side to Duff’s book I did not see coming.

Everything from Guns n Roses to Velvet Revolver is discussed. Even how Duff himself helped Scott Weiland get sober for a while. One of the funniest stories in this book is when the “LABEL MANAGER” came town to Velvet Revolver’s rehearsal space to sign them to a deal.

If you read Slash’s autobiography first then you’ll understand some of the GnR stuff much better, as the stories are told in a very similar way.

Very inspirational book and Im glad I didnt  put this book off for much longer


Publisher: Touchstone Books
Release Date: October 4, 2011
# of Pages: 384

Does the Noise in my Head Bother You (book review)

Steven Tyler’s autobiography! Where should I start with this one? If you are looking for a book that is written in chronological order this is not it. It felt to me as it was all over the place. Jumping years ahead and then coming back to previous years. The book came out around the time Tyler was about to start American Idol as a judge, so that could be the reason it felt like it was rushed a little bit.

With that said, his story is very interesting. Steven was a drummer before he ever became the lead singer if one of the most famous bands in the world. He used to play drums for his dad’s band and they would olay all over ever since he was a teenager. He met Joe Perry way before Aerosmith was even formed. Steven Tyler takes you through all the stories during their rise to fame and all the drugs and sex stories you could think of (like most rock bands of the day).

Want to know how much they got paid for signing to the record label? Want to know how much money the spent for tours? And how much he is packing? Is all there and many more disturbing stories.

Overall worth reading but not worth keeping in your collection.


Publisher: Ecco Books
Release Date: May 3,2011
# Of Pages: 400

Scar Tissue (book review)

Drugs. Drugs. Drugs and more drugs. Thats pretty much what this book is all about.

Reading this book makes you feel like the author is sitting across the tabke from you talking directly to you. Anthony and Sloman take a very indepth look at Kiedis childhood and growing up with a famous drug dealer dad. From the start to page 120 or so is allabout his childhood. After that is all about the beginning of Anthony and the Peppers, his many stints at rehab and all the crazy stories of drugs on tour.

Anthony Kiedis had a crazy life as a child and of course growing up surrounded but drugs. There are a few cool never before seen pictures throughout the book, including one of him, smoking pot with his dad when he was 11 or 12 years old. Also he explains the process of recording all their albums all the way up to 2004 (when the book was released)

Overall a really great book for any RHCP fan. Only thing I wish it had more of is Pictures and maybe interviews with otther band members or famous musicians. Youd think for it being almost 500 pages long it would include more of those.


Publisher: Hyperion Books
Release Date: October 19, 2005
# of Pages: 465