Idea for Book Giveaway?

So I was thinking about doing a book giveaway from my personal collection of books. If you’ve followed my blog this far, you know what kind of books i review. I would like to do this to give back to you guys for following, liking, and sharing my reviews. I havent worked out all the details but i know for sure the book will be sent absolutely free (including shipping within the USA).

Here is the problem. I dont really know how to do a give away and i was hoping you guys could help me by suggesting how i should do it. I have a few ideas but i was wondering if any of you had a suggestion. Anyways leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Please share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and all the other media sites. The more you share, the more giveaways i will start doing.



5 thoughts on “Idea for Book Giveaway?

    • Thanks, i was thinking of just writing everyone’s name that liked that post and then maybe just putting it in a hat and draw a name at random. Im still trying to work everything out, just looking for inputs. Thanks for the comment. The book giveaway will be coming up in the next month or so. Just trying to get more people to follow and like and share my posts and all that. Spread the word 😉

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