Chuck Berry: The Autobiography (book review)

The real deal story of one of the most influential guys in rock n roll history. Chuck Berry tells it how it is!

The book started a bit slow with him talking about his childhood and growing up in St. Louis. But after that it gets really interesting with his touring tellings. Mr. Berry doesn’t hold back on anything, from his days in prison (yes he was in prison for a few years) to his trouble with the IRS and the many women he met throughout his life (i bolded met for a reason)

Right on the back cover is a sentence written by John Lennon himself. “If you tried to give rock n roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry” for a good reason. Mr Berry gives you a very detailed explanation of how some of his songs came to be and the inspiration behind his most famous songs. There is even a chapter included just about some of his songs only.

Get this book and learn about one of rock n roll’s most influential legends. It will not dissapoint and will make you wish you were born back in his time!


Publisher: Harmony
Release Date: January 1, 1987
# of Pages: 352


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