Jack Ballentine: Murder for Hire (book review)

Wow! What an interesting book. This book is about the life of one of the must successful undercover agents in the US. Jack’s specialty was working undercover as a hitman. And man some of the stories he tells are pretty crazy, and what people would say or pay to have someone killed.

This is a pretty easy read, at least for me it felt like i breezed through it! Jack talks about some of his undercover operations and as well as his life. Whenever he talks about his cases, you really do feel like you were right there with him and picturing everything in your mind.

There is just one minor problem i found. He rrpeated himself quite a few times saying things like “how hard is job is, how he is the best, or constantly talking about his friends”. While it was kind of repetitive it didnt take away from his exciting life as an undercover hitman.

Ballentine at the beginning of the book says he had a perfect record of 24 arrests and 24 convictions, but in the book he only talks about maybe eight or ten of them (if that), and while i understand he cant talk about every single one of them, i wish he would’ve talk about at least 5 more. There were some unnecessary chapters in the book and there could’ve been more chapters about more cases.

Overall really good book and very interesting story!


Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Release Date: June 9, 2009
# of Pages: 320


2 thoughts on “Jack Ballentine: Murder for Hire (book review)

  1. Nice review. I wish you could have discussed the characters and the plot a little more and given us a few quotes from the book for us to enjoy the richness of the read. It would have been intriguing. 🙂
    Cheers n tc.

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