Brian Johnson: Rockers and Rollers (book review)

First let me say that this is not a book about AC/DC. Or an autobiography of Brian Johnson. This is a book about stories he has about cars and his experiences with them.

Brian Johnson does seem like he knows a lot about cars, you can just tell in the way he writes about it in this book. He has countless stories about cars and some of the shenanigans thats happened to him and his friends while driving cars. Brian has been racing cars even before he was famous as the lead singer of AC/DC.

I found myself laughing outloud at some of the stories he has! From flying the “plane” in Australia to some of the experiences while driving with AC/DCs drummer! While the book is mainly about cars, there are bits and pieces of chapters that are about the AC/DC boys, although most of them are car related!

Such a cook book and i hope one day Brian does write a book about his life and AC/DC, he has so many funny stories! And if you’ve seem i terviews of him you know how funny he can be!


Publisher: It Books
Release Date: May 24, 2011
# of Pages: 224


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