Rick Springfield: Late, Late at Night (book review)

Rick Springfield reveals so many details in his memoir. This is a guy who most people think is a one hit wonder with “Jessie’s Girl” but the fact is that he has been around in the business since way before Jessie’s Girl and General Hospital.

An australian born who moves to the US in hopes of making it big in the music business, all while dealing with depression and having to fight addiction. This such a candid memoir and RS lets it all out for his fans. As a reader you get the feeling that he is not holding back on anything, he speaks with absolute truthfulness!

There are of course the wild stories of being on the road and lots of sex of course. Not so many stories of drugs, but the few that he talks about are funny. You get some insight of the whole 60s era when he was snd up and coming teenager in Australia and he meets some people like Bon Scott ten years before he was known in ACDC. He talks about the struggle of recording his albums and how the record company sees him and compares him to.

One of the most touching stories comes towards the end of the book and is about a girl named Sahara. Very touching and it made me feel sad for her and her family!

This read will not dissappoint!


Publisher: Touchstone
Release Date: October 12, 2010
# of Pages: 336


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