Jay Dobyns: No Angel (book review)

What an intense story! Ive seen documentaries on tv about this case and thats what made me want to read this book, to find out more details that were not discussed in the documentary.

While I found it an interesting story, it comes off as if he wrote this book to be made into a movie, a movie of him being the “star”. There are a few things I found odd. Like when he told the stories they almost sounded too good, Im not saying it was made up but it just felt too good to be true (chapter 32 as reference).

All throughout the book Dobyns talks not only what he is experiencing as an undercover, but he also talks about his family and how theyre are all dealing with, whether is good or bad. For such a long investigation there were little to no arrests, mostly probation and months behind barrs.

Bottom line is that there is always 2 sides to the story and then there is the truth, this is his story.


Publisher: Crown
Release Date: February 10, 2009
# of Pages: 352


2 thoughts on “Jay Dobyns: No Angel (book review)

  1. Sounds interesting! If you haven’t read it, Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘Hell’s Angels’ is a fantastic read by a sympathiser, but one who realises how terrifying and brutal they are.

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