William Queen: Under and Alone (book review)

I started reading this book in the early morning at work, and by night the same day I was done reading it. What an incredible story.

I got interested in this book because I saw the episode of “Gangland” where the showed this story. I wanted to find out more and in the book the author does a really good job at leaving you eager for more. What a page turner.

William Queen infiltrated the Mongols and eventually became a high ranking member in his 28 month undercover investigation. Throughout there are moments where his cover almost gets blown because he was told to do drugs or help commit other crimes. There are some really good moments that leave you biting your nails as you read, and you hope he gets out of the situation alive.

I felt like he really liked the Mongols and he felt the brotherhood was real, such as the moments when they all said they loved him when his mother died, even when none of Queen’s ATF partners said anything to him. There is one chapter towards the end that left me teary eye, as “Billy St John” did something for a Mongol’s kids birthday.

Overall a really good book that will keep you up late at night and you will read it in no time.


Publisher: Random House
Release Date: April 5, 2005
# of Pages: 270


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