Personal Foul: The Scandal that Rocked the NBA (book review)

This is the story of Tim Donaghy and his account of what happened to him during his NBA scandal. I picked up this book because I years back when this happened I was intrigued by it, and I didnt know much about it back then.

Donaghy really does his absolute best telling you what happens. He recounts every little detail and all of the mistakes he made. And boy did he do some bsd stuff. I should clarify he did not “fix” games (which is what most people think), he bet on games based on the referees for that night, and he had a great percentage of winnings 70 to 80 per cent which is insane.

Donaghy goes on great detail telling you many inside stories about a lot of the top refs and players in the league. I couldnt believe what I was reading but Donaghy gave so many soecific details that is hard not to believe any of it. I found myself laughing at many of the stories and the stupid things referees would bet on.

Tim’s addiction did not start in the months leading to his arrest, he had been a gambler for a long long time. He started at a small scale and gradually graduated to the big time gambling (betting in pro sports) which is illegal for refs in the league. Everything he did he explains very well and you will just have to read the book to understand everything.

Such an amazing story and I hope Tim learned his lesson and wish him nothing but the best in the future.


Publisher:Four Daughters LLC
Publication Date: June 29, 2010
# of Pages: 268


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