My Appetite for Destruction (book review)

I will try to keep this review short and sweet. Mainly because I’ve read both Slash’s and Duff’s autobiograohies and all of them are similar when it comes to the GnR debauchery.

This one was a very short read, Adler keeps you turning page after page with ease. He digs deep and tells you many amazing stories that havent been told before by Slash or Duff. This autobiography comes from a guy who has been through many rehabs, strokes, and near death overdoses, yet you still find yourself pulling for him all throughtout. Steven has nothing but nice things to say about his fellow bandmates. He explains thouroughly how he got duped into siging some papers and got kicked out of guns n roses. Steven ends his autobiography with a compasionate advice for people going through sobriety.

Between Slash, Duff, or Steven’ autobiography, this one is my favorite. Im surprised “My Appetite for Destruction” is not a NY Times best seller. Go buy this book and you will instantly fall in love with Steven Adler’s story.


Publisher: It Books
Release Date: July 27, 2010
# of Pages: 304


2 thoughts on “My Appetite for Destruction (book review)

  1. Interesting review, and good to learn that Steven Adler has something different to say. Personally I always felt a little sorry that he was fired during the recording of Use Your illusion. but at the same time I have always thought that Matt Sorum was the better drummer. I suppose we never really had a chance to discover what Adlers true capabilities were.

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