My Life With Deth (book review)

In Dave Ellefson short autobiography you really get to know his story from the very beginning. Even though this is a short book there is a lot of information. Ellefson discusses a lot of the recording process in all of Megadeth albums. From the gear used to the true meaning behind some of their most known songs.

I didnt know much about Dave Ellefson because when I thought of Megadeth I usually thought of Dave Mustaine. Now that I read the story behind the group from the bass player’s perspective I see the big picture. Ellefson is a religious man and takks about it all throughout his book. He went through a lot with his drug abuse and came out on top thanks to God and his willingness to end it all.

Great stories about his full time job with one of his sponsors (which was his main source of income whike he wasnt in megadeth) and working as a producer. You also get to find out a little more about his side project F5 (which I didnt even have any idea of, cause once again, when I think of Megadeth I think of Mustaine). I only wish there were more details of when Dave Ellefson sued Mustaine for 18 million dollars.

This was an awesome book and one I would recommend to a true die hard Megadeth fan.


Publisher: Howard Books
Release Date: October 29, 2013
# of Pages: 256


3 thoughts on “My Life With Deth (book review)

  1. Before I forget... says:

    Thanks for the follow.
    I like the way you have reviewed these books, its nice to get personal perspectives. I think I would struggle to read these!

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