I am Ozzy (book review)

Everyone thinks (including me) that Ozzy with this satanic person who killed dogs and bit the heads of bats and pigeons. Well let me say that after reading this book I ve changed my opinion about him. Yes he did bite the head off a bat and a pigeon, but killing puppies on stage was never done.

Ozzy’s autobiography had me laughing hysterically. The way he tells you the stories is just priceless. Like the “Harry Bollocks” or when some guy in Philadelphia thought Black Sabbath was a band of black guys.

The Osbournes was the show that according to Ozzy himself put them through the roof in fame. He talks about how the show started and how he didnt really like being followed all the time with the cameras.

Ozzy also spends a lot of time talking about his childhood which is really cool because it gives us readers a good look into his growing up back then. He takes us to the forming of Black Sabbath and how the recorded some of the very first albums. His solo career of course was a big part of this book and you get to learn a lot about Rhandy Rhoads from the man himself.

This was most definetaly aone of the funniest book I have read so far. Get yourself this book and you will not be dissapointed with the countless hilarious stories!


Publisher: Grand Central
Release Date: January 25, 2010
# of Pages: 401


9 thoughts on “I am Ozzy (book review)

  1. ireadnovels says:

    Great to see you read Ozzy Osbourne’s book. Although I have not read this. I think Ozzy is so down to earth. What you see is what you get with Ozzy.

  2. Yea this is a very funny book. You really get to see an i side of his life. Just like you said hes a very down to earth guy. I recommend you read it, such an awesome and funny book!

  3. Hi, just discovered your blog. You have some excellent book reviews here, all about kind of the same area. I like that. I am definitely interested to read this now haha, image in my head of Ozzy is kind of like what you mentioned in the beginning.

    • Well thanks im glad you enjoyed my reviews so far and started following me. I try to read as many as i can, usually 1 book every 3 or 4 days depending how long the book and my work schedule. Stay tuned, there are a lot more reviews coming, i have many many books in my hands ive yet to read 😉

  4. Great blog! I already have a few books on here I’m interested in reading because of you! This one, for instance, and Save Me From Myself, Bringing Metal To The Children, Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?, Scar Tissues, and Tommyland. Most of these are some of my favorite rockers, the rest (like this one) just sound intriguing. I normally don’t read autobiographies, but I might make a few exceptions it music is involved haha!

    • Glad you enjoy what i been reading so far. Theyre deff all unique and cool in their own ways. Dee Snider’s autobiography is also one of my fav, because the book is not about drugs or alcohol since he never did them, but it keeps you turning page after page. Just read my review, it was the very first review i ever did

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