It’s so Easy and other Lies (book review)

“Its so Easy” is a fast read (at least for me) due to the fact that it has 63 small chapters, which kept me flipping page after page without boring me with loooong chapters.

This book shows a very in depth look at Duff Mckagan’s live. He comes off as a very smart person and his story should be an inspiration to anyone. As the bassist for GnR nobody would think this guy was so talented, but his story tells different.

This autobiography of course comes with all of the “war” stories of sex, drugs and rock and roll. But it is also full of stories of how he went to Seattle University and did everything he could to get his Degree. He could call his professor or fellow students while on tour to discuss class projects. Theres a side to Duff’s book I did not see coming.

Everything from Guns n Roses to Velvet Revolver is discussed. Even how Duff himself helped Scott Weiland get sober for a while. One of the funniest stories in this book is when the “LABEL MANAGER” came town to Velvet Revolver’s rehearsal space to sign them to a deal.

If you read Slash’s autobiography first then you’ll understand some of the GnR stuff much better, as the stories are told in a very similar way.

Very inspirational book and Im glad I didnt  put this book off for much longer


Publisher: Touchstone Books
Release Date: October 4, 2011
# of Pages: 384


2 thoughts on “It’s so Easy and other Lies (book review)

  1. I haven’t read this one yet, but I loved Slash’s book so I think this one is coming soon. I personally think Duff is a very talented and diverse musician, and what I know of his life is very interesting. I’ll have to read the book to find out the rest!

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