Does the Noise in my Head Bother You (book review)

Steven Tyler’s autobiography! Where should I start with this one? If you are looking for a book that is written in chronological order this is not it. It felt to me as it was all over the place. Jumping years ahead and then coming back to previous years. The book came out around the time Tyler was about to start American Idol as a judge, so that could be the reason it felt like it was rushed a little bit.

With that said, his story is very interesting. Steven was a drummer before he ever became the lead singer if one of the most famous bands in the world. He used to play drums for his dad’s band and they would olay all over ever since he was a teenager. He met Joe Perry way before Aerosmith was even formed. Steven Tyler takes you through all the stories during their rise to fame and all the drugs and sex stories you could think of (like most rock bands of the day).

Want to know how much they got paid for signing to the record label? Want to know how much money the spent for tours? And how much he is packing? Is all there and many more disturbing stories.

Overall worth reading but not worth keeping in your collection.


Publisher: Ecco Books
Release Date: May 3,2011
# Of Pages: 400


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