Tommyland (book review)

This autobiography starts in a very odd way because basically the first few pages are of Tommy Lee having a conversation with his Dick.

After the first few pages of this unusual conversation it starts to get better and better. It takes you for a ride from the beginning (as the author describes himself)

Despite what people think off Tommy Lee from all the stories in the media, he seems like a very lovable person. Alot of the stories found in the book are repeats from “The Dirt”, Motley Crue’s band autobiography. Hoowever there are some new stories and interviews with Pamela Anderson and about their life while they were married. Like most other reviews have said, I wish there were more stories about his marriage to Heather Locklear who he was married to for 7 years, instead of the chapter or so he dedicates to her.

One story that sticks out to me in this book is how Tommy Lee always invisioned a rollercoaster drumset setup that would ride out into the crowd. Now 10 years later in Motley’s Final Tour look like he achieved his dream. Keep in mind this book came out in 2004

All in all there are crazy stories from the road and his childhood, and fans of “The Dirt” will definately relate to this book very well.


Publiser: Atria Books
Release Date: September 13, 2005
# of Pages: 288


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